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Betsy's Raw Food
We’re a friendly little team who believe raw feeding is a healthy, naturally balanced and species specific diet which encourages a much healthier and happier lifestyle for your dogs.

Our fresh, human grade meat is processed in our DEFRA approved kitchen with every single tub being hand-prepared. We keep raw feeding simple and follow the 80/10/10 ratio (you can read more about that in our starter guide).

We’re keen to do our bit for this beautiful planet we live on, so all our tubs are compostable, our sleeves are recyclable and better yet all our delivery packaging is re-usable and eco-friendly; you won’t find any plastic here!

We offer a nationwide delivery service, and our minimum order is just 6kg. If you order less than this, please note the website will assume you are collecting so will offer you only a 'local pick up' option. To ensure delivery, please order the minimum requirement otherwise your order will not be processed. If you are collecting, head to our Facebook Page to select a time and date and we will have your order ready for you.

** Covid-19 Update **
As you can appreciate, we are extremely busy keeping up with demand during these times. We are still in production and updating the stock where we possibly can. All orders will be sent on a Tuesday and Thursday only to reduce excessive travel for our team. Stay safe everyone and stay at home where possible!


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The Human Team

Say Hello...

Bryony is currently studying Canine Health and Nutrition at the British College of Canine Studies Not only is she experienced in pet owning, she has also leant her hand to dog agility, flyball and even showing with a keen interest in dog training and behaviour. She's also a sucker for dogs 'in need'.


Carla is our Director in Marketing and Design. With over 10 years experience in the field she knows a thing or two about making things look pretty. Her dogs play a massive role in her life and she only ever wants the best for them. She's usually at a dog show, exhibiting at Open and Championship level.


Matt is our Finance Director and a very successful business man. After running his own local business for many years, he wanted a change in industries. His love for dogs (including his two beagles) and keen eye for business is what brought him on board this Betsy's adventure.


James is our Production Manager and heads up our small, but mighty, production team. He is always the first one there, and usually the last one to leave, and works with precision and perfection. When he isn't enjoying the aroma of tripe, you'll find him in the kitchen cooking alongside a nice glass of red.


Mel works alongside James in production, but is also our super-speedy chief picker and packer after having years of experience in the industry. What a normal person would do in half an hour, Mel will do in ten minutes. His attention to detail is second to none and will quickly and efficiently spot and point out anything untoward; helping us produce and maintain a top quality product.


Kerry is another key member in production, working alongside both James and Mel. Every tub that is hand-prepared is then double checked by Kerry and once she's happy she will close, sleeve and store away in the freezer. Whilst she's storing away, she'll also keep a check of stock levels ensuring we can keep a smooth and steady flow of produce.

We love your reviews!

I'm really happy I found Betsy's. The friendly team are full of knowledge which helps when you're new to raw feeding. Peggy's bowl has never been so clean after a meal!
Becky & Peggy Really Happy!
I've been a raw feeder for quite some time and love how my girls act and look on it. The ordering and delivery process with Betsy's is easy and the friendly service is second to none. I wouldn't feed my girls from anywhere else.
Lucy, Lola & Teagan My girls love it
My little Jack-chi Delilah is very fussy and at times throws up her food, so we thought we would try out Betsy’s Raw Food. The team were really helpful in recommending the best food and gave me lots of useful information. It went down a treat, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Delilah eat so fast, she loved Betsy’s Raw Food and it sat well in her tummy and gave her lots of energy. The food comes in a nice secure packaging and there’s loads to choose from!
Paige & Delilah Packaging is great
Raw feeding and the concept of it is a completely new approach to us and our greyhound, making the decision to switch is a little daunting to make sure the benefits to her and the cost to us balances out effectively, Betsy's have smoothed over all concerns, questions and queries in simple terms with all the information we need to know. Ultimately the proof is in the pudding as our girl River thoroughly enjoyed trialling Betsys.
Laura & River The trial was a success
Betsy’s is actually the best raw food I’ve used!! I never thought I’d say this sentence but I love how you can see what’s in it! Never going back to the sloppy bags of food ever again!
Sophie, Willow & Barley Best Raw Food I've Used!
My beagles love Betsy’s treats very well made they think they are very tasty fast delivery will certainly order more well done Betsy’s.
Karen, Copper & Jackson We love the treats
Cecil loves his Betsy’s Raw Food. There is not a flavour he won’t eat! Betsy’s is lovely, chunky meat and not at all sloppy. Plus all the packaging is recyclable. What’s not to love! I wouldn’t feed Cecil anything else
Lisa and Cecil I won't feed anything else


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Starter Guide

So, firstly, remember that different raw feeders will have different methods and styles in how you go about introducing a raw food diet. In our opinion, it's all relative, and it's really just about finding what works best for your dog.
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The Betsy’s Family

We are really pleased to be working with such fantastic stockists. It’s so important to shop local and for us we like to support those who stock Betsy’s as best as we can. Some of these stockists have been with us from the start which is fantastic because they took a chance on a new...
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