The Betsy's

Human and Canine Team

Betsy was a kibble fed dog until she began to itch (losing fur) and had an upset tummy. After much research,
it was decided it could be her diet – a grain allergy, so her Mumma decided to switch her to raw.

Based on Betsy’s weight and activity levels, she is offered a variety of meats throughout the week.
Her natural diet now includes meat, bone and offal which completes her dietary needs.
Not only is Betsy’s skin and fur in great condition, her teeth are cleaner, she’s not so sluggish and on
the whole she is calmer, happier and healthier. And of course, her itchy skin and upset tummy was non existent!

It was this immediate response to raw feeding that Betsy’s mum switched her other dogs
over to raw food and never looked back. She teamed up with some human friends who, collectively,
are on a mission to help and show dog owners the benefits to raw feeding. Your dog will thank you for it!

All meals are taste tested by Betsy herself (a job she takes very seriously). Now you know a bit
about the back story to Betsy’s, say hello to the human team…


My name is Bryony and I am owned by 3 amazing beagles. My love of animals goes back as far as I can remember and 5 years ago my circumstances allowed me to adopt 2 older beagles who needed a bit of TLC. I'm a bit of a sucker for a sob story and have since adopted and/or fostered 10 further beagles who all had some health issues in one form or another. I researched into natural remedies and came across raw feeding and all the benefits it can bring. Initially I was scared of the expense and the complications but after jumping in head first and seeing the amazing effect its had on my own animals I wanted to be able to help others to make the switch without the expense or fuss. I am also completing a Level Three Diploma in Canine Health and Nutrition.


What a happy little beagle I am now. I was a full time cushion destroying, tea drinking, mischievous little doggy once upon a time. All the bits and pieces packed into kibble food made me a little bit crazy but also a little bit poorly; with bad skin and belly aches. No more of that nonsense now I'm fed a raw diet as I have never looked or acted better. That's why my mum (Bryony) made this business and dedicated the name to me! And what's best... I get to taste test everything that gets produced, nom nom.


Dog Breeder, Dog Exhibitor but most importantly a dog lover. I am owned by three gorgeous beagles who over the years have taught me so much about dogs, behaviour, training, health and nutrition. Many of my puppy owners will sometimes ask questions about their dogs behaviour or weight and the first thing I'll ask is what are they being fed. In my opinion, raw feeding really helps manage weight, calms them down, including keeping their skin and coat great with shiny white teeth. When the idea of Betsy's first came to life I could not wait to jump on board; I'm so keen to share and educate with people the benefit of a raw diet for their dogs. The benefits can sometimes be so instant you'll wonder why you ever fed anything else!


Dogs have been a big part of family life since I was a child. We have been lucky to have shared our home over the years with a variety of amazing breeds from a German Shepherd, Spaniels, a Yorkshire terrier cross, Dalmatians and Beagles.

I like most had been feeding our dogs food that wasn’t good for them, causing long term health problems, contributing to shortening their lives and happiness. Historically the norm for everyone was - buy the most popular off the shelf food or even the cheapest. I started to question this when we lost one of our dogs far too young to heart failure a few years ago that showed signs of a poor diet being a contributing factor. Around 2013 i became friends with Bryony and Carla via our love for dogs and thats when the Raw benefits story began.

Our Beagles Buddy and Poppy both enjoy their raw food and the results are incredible. The main obvious gains I found in my dogs were - quickly becoming fitter and looking much healthier, less hair shedding, calmer, happier, less poops, their coats smelt so much better and best of all fixed Buddy’s wind issues !

Betsys raw has taken us 2 years to put together. Carla and Bryony have put endless hours into this labour of love, we hope you and your pets benefit from what we have created. Please drop me a line if you have any suggestions or would like to just connect in general.