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Not sure how much to feed your dog, or how our calculator works? Here we go:

So first, you’ll need to enter your dogs name. We don’t save any details, but it’s just part of our process.

We’ll then need to know your dogs weight as close as you can in kg. If you’re not sure, or if you haven’t had your dog weighed in a long time you can pop to one of your local pet shops and use their scales for free.

Next, we will need to know how much you want to weigh. And this is usually the tricky part, so let’s explain…

2% of your dogs bodyweight
2% is usually ideal to feed if you have an older dog that isn’t as active as he/she used to be.
2% is also ideal for generally less active dogs.
2% is finally great for dogs who need to lose a few pounds!
We don’t recommend ever feeding any less then 2% of your dogs body weight.

2.5% of your dogs bodyweight
2.5% is great for ‘in-between’ dogs. If your dog enjoys a good run around, but then generally sleeps or rests a lot at home, 2.5% is great.
2.5% is also great for dogs who gain weight on 3%, but 2% isn’t quite enough.

3% of your dogs bodyweight
3% is generally for more active dogs. For those dogs that don’t really stop during the day (or rest minimally) and perhaps have extra long walks.
3% is also a good idea for your dog if you want them to gain a little weight (and we would also recommend giving flavours either lamb or tripe for this).

5% of your dogs bodyweight
This is mainly aimed at working dogs, dogs who are mentally and physically active all day long. Which is why we’ve noted ‘working dogs’ on the calculator.


The Puppy Section

If your puppy is between 2 – 4 months, you’ll want to feed between 8% – 10%. Alternatively, if you know your dogs breed and their expected adult weight, you can feed 3% of their expected adult weight. But for ease, we prefer our initially listed method. Puppies are very active, so you need their diet to be able to keep up with their active lifestyle! We would suggest feeding your puppy four times a day between 2 – 4 months of age.

If your puppy is between 4 – 6 months, you’ll want to feed between 6 – 8%. The idea is, as your puppy grows, you want to gradually drop the % of food per bodyweight. This will mean you will keep your puppies weight consistent (plus, if you continue to feed 8 – 10% of your dogs bodyweight you’ll be growing a mini monster in size!) You can start to feed three meals a day at this point.

Following on from this, if your puppy is between 6 – 8 months, you’ll start to feed 4 – 6% of their body weight. Again, we’re gradually dropping the percentage per bodyweight. You want to keep your puppy at an even weight, so if you feel 6% is too much (they’re either not finishing their bowl, or they’re putting on too much weight), try 5% and then if that’s too much still, 4%. We like to keep puppies a little chubby, but too much weight will add unnecessary pressure to their growing bones and joints.

Finally, if your puppy is between 8 – 12 months, you’ll want to feed 3 – 4% of their body weight. This will then tie in nicely when they are technically an adult (12 months +) and you can look to the above section for adult weights.


Back to the calculator

From whatever you select for your weights, amounts to feed in % etc… we will calculate a guideline to feed. Please note, this is only a guideline, as raw feeding can vary dog to dog. You may have to add, or take away from your dogs daily portion until you have a consistent weight that you are happy with.
If you are concerned about your dogs weight, feeding schedule etc, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help!

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