Easy Additions

At the moment, we only offer the raw (get it?) essentials for your dogs dinner. We don’t add anything extra because, let’s face it, you might not want all that extra stuff! So for now we’re going to offer some advice as to what you could add to your dogs dinner and why.


Is an microscopic algae in the shape of a serial coil. The benefits are quite something as spirulina contains the highest concentration of nutrients known in any food, plant, grain or herb (pretty amazing, hey). This funny little stuff helps strengthen the immune system, helps improve gastrointestinal health and can aid in detoxification. It can also help reduce the rate of cancer alongside helping allergies; which is perfect for little Betsy.

Coconut Oil

This is really easy to get hold of and such a good addition for your dogs dinner. Again, it supports the immune system and also provides digestive support. Coconut oil really improves the skin and hair health, which when working alongside a raw diet, will really help you notice a nice shiny coat. It’s also very good for the joints, so great for the golden oldies. We would recommend feeding 1/2tsp per 4.5kg, twice a day. Initially, feed small amounts and then build up.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This little antioxidant is really great when trying to maintain a good weight for your dog. It also helps diabetes and is antibacterial! We recommend giving your pooch 1tsp per 22kg and mix in well with food!


Another antioxidant which also inhibits cancer cell growth. It helps delay aging (forever young!) and chronic disease. This ones quite powerful and not only is a polyphenol (which is much better than Vitamin E or C) but also an anti-inflammatory. Start and increase slowly if you’re using this, giving only 1/16 to 1/8 per 4.5kg of your dogs weight.


This improves circulation for your pooch and also detoxifies the body and it’s antimicrobial and anti parasitic (a good source to help prevent fleas!) It’s also high in inulin (a natural prebiotic), amino acids and vitamins. You can feed this raw or in a garlic powder form. You’ll just need to add around 3 grams per 450g of food.

Got any questions, or anything you want to see added to the list? Get in touch!

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