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Dorwest class themselves as ‘Experts in Herbal Pet Care’ and with almost 70 years under their belt it’s perhaps a fair statement. I first met the Dorwest Team at a Championship Dog Show and the level of Customer Service, Experience and Knowledge is second to none – ask a question and they will know what to suggest! So here’s some of their products I have used first hand and would highly recommend…

Scullcap & Valerian Tablets

One of my girls is a particularly bad traveller, she’ll get herself worked up before we’ve even got into the car as she will know whats coming and she has associated the car with feeling a bit poorly (even with slowly building up travel times!) The recommended dose is 1-2 tables per 5kgs, so I give my girl 3 tablets about two hours before we set off into the car. It really calms her down but doesn’t make her drowsy in any way; meaning we can slowly build up our confidence in the car! It also works well for noise phobias such as fireworks, thunder or gunfire.

Raspberry Leaf Tablets 

One of my girls can sometimes get quite worked up during her season meaning she can have a long, tedious phantom pregnancy. We’ve never had toys as babies, but we have had milk come in which is never ideal. Not only can this help ease the pain in whelping bitches (Raspberry Leaf works for humans too, I brought my own!) it can also help avoid phantom pregnancies… 1 tablet per 10kgs from the start of the season will really help sort her out.

Evening Primrose Oil Capsules

Initially this was purchased to help my girls maintain a normal hormonal balance; but other benefits include beautiful skin and coat. The product contains the highest levels of gamma linolenic acid (GLA) which is super beneficial for the skin and coat condition of a dog. A double win here for me!

Keeper’s Mix

I believe this is a top seller for Dorwest and I can see why! It’s a supplement you add into their diet and it really does keep them in tip top condition. It’s a herbal blend consisting of natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, fibres and complex bioactive compounds. It’ll help promote a thick healthy coat but also has a positive effect on their organs. Another winner for me – I use this in all three of my girls meals daily.

Other Extras

I also like to use turmeric tablets and also cod liver oil tablets. Support your pets bodies in the natural anti-inflammatory processes with the turmeric tablets. Cod Liver Oil is great for maintaining healthy bones and joints!

Did you know we are now stocking a selection of Dorwest Herbs that you canned to your order with us?

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