Fruit & Veg

Whenever you start any business you tend to look at what everyone else is doing. And without going into too much detail, you’re looking for little ways you can offer ‘more’ or ‘improve’ on a product for your customers.

What we noticed when doing some research is that a lot of companies add fruit and veg into their meal plans. It’s all minced up and in every single meal for your dog. What we also noticed is that these companies are actually taking 10% off of the meat allowance and packing that with vegetable and fruit instead.

Firstly, what we suggest, is if you are going to offer fruit and veg (and there’s nothing wrong with that!) it should be in addition to their meals, not instead of their meat, bone or offal.

However, we chose not to add fruit and veg into our five core meals. Why? Simple. Some dogs can actually have an allergy to some fruits and veg and it can irritate or upset their skin / insides. And the last thing we want to do is have an unhappy doggy.

Betsy’s mamma did a lot of foster work for local rescues a while back. She had a doggy on long term foster who was a bit of a grump, but it was because he always had trouble with his ears – infections and irritants galore the poor boy. After many, many vet trips, ear drops, ear cleans enough was enough. After some research, it was decided to remove fruit and veg from his diet entirely… guess what… no more ear ache!

We feel it’s you’re choice at home to offer extra’s to your dogs meals, but we would suggest starting slowly and offering small amounts to begin with. Check your dog to see if anything changes after a certain fruit or vegetable and only give three to four times a week at most.

If you are going to add fruit and veg, for added benefit remember to blitz or steam it before serving. If you feed a raw carrot, for example, it’ll come out the same way it went in! Or for an easy option, why not add Dorwest’s Easy Green and sprinkle over your dogs food. We have some in stock!

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