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Betsy’s Game Mix




Our Betsy’s Game Mix flavour is hand prepared with fresh, human grade meat. We’re really excited about this new flavour for your dogs to try and we hope they enjoy it.

All our Betsy’s products come in small, bio-degradable boxes. The Game Mix doesn’t currently have recyclable sleeves, but instead has stickers. This is a temporary feature and will have sleeves in due course. We are currently selling the Game Mix in our 300g Sample Tub sizes to see what you think before we introduce it as a core flavour in the standard 500g size!

Analytical Constituents

• 21.5% Protein
• 0.1% Fibre
• 70.9% Moisture
• 1.6% Ash
• 6.39% Fat
Working Dog Food

Complimentary Raw Dog Food
Composition: Game Mix (rabbit, pheasant, pigeon and venison) (70%), Chicken Bone (10%), Ox Heart (10%), Pig Liver (5%), Ox Kidney (5%).
No additives

Feeding Guide
Adult dogs should be fed 2% – 3% of their ideal body weight and puppies 4% – 10% (more info on our blog).
For any queries please contact us directly. Defrost in the fridge and serve. Once defrosted, refrigerate and use within two days. Wash hands after handling any of our products and clean spills with soap and warm water. Do not defrost our product in the microwave or with warm water. Although we use human grade food, this is not for human consumption.
*Bone percent may vary between 5 – 15%.

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