Betsy’s Luxury Hamper




New to Betsy’s, this Luxury Hamper offers a wide variety of all we stock. A great option to stock up on some key products that will keep you topped up for some time, for example our Hedgerow Hounds and Bone Broth. We have also given you a choice of products, so you can select which Bone Broth flavour you’d like and Hedgerow Hounds Blend – you can see the list below.

18kg Variety Hamper:
Containing: Turkey and Pork 1kg x 4, Beef 1kg x 4, Fish & Tripe 1kg x 4, Venison and Duck 500g x 2, Lamb 500g x 2. Meaty Lamb Ribs with Spine. Chicken Heart Treats (100g), Beef Liver Treats (100g), Beef Kidney Treats (100g). A choice of Beef or Lamb Bone Broth (please specify) and a choice of Hedgerow Hounds (Natures Bounty, Tranquil, Seeds Greens and Superfoods; subject to availability).

As always with our hampers, you will receive a discount against buying individually. This time, 10% which is our largest saving against any hamper.

Our Feeding Guide
Adult dogs should be fed 2% – 3% of their ideal body weight and puppies 4% – 10% (more info on our blog).
For any queries please contact us directly. Defrost in the fridge and serve. Once defrosted, refrigerate and use within two days. Wash hands after handling any of our products and clean spills with soap and warm water. Do not defrost our product in the microwave or with warm water. Although we use human grade food, this is not for human consumption. 

Please note, this product cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Remember: Save your delivery box, once it’s full with liners, please send back to: Betsy’s Raw Food, Unit 19, Second Drove, Fengate, Peterborough PE1 5XA. Please add a note inside with your customer details (name / address / most recent order number). We will offer you a unique £5 OFF voucher to spend on your next order with us.

Additional information

Weight18 kg