Meaty Lamb Bones




Ready to try our Meaty Lamb Bones? Or maybe more…

Betsy’s Raw Food are excited to announce it’s first in the bone range.

Sourced and slaughtered here in the UK, and arrive with us super fresh. We appreciate different sized dogs and different breeds enjoying a good bone! Therefore, we’ve packaged our meaty bones in a few ways to suit those.

You can pick up our latest product in the following ways:
• Large Lamb Bones. Approx 30cm in size x 2 in a bag, total weight 1kg+
• Small Lamb Bones. Approx 15cm in size x 2 in a bag, total weight between 500-600g
• Assortment of Lamb Ribs, for smaller dogs (and a little easier on the teeth), approx 200-300g

• Meaty, Large, Lamb Ribs with Spine. Full measurements to come. x 1 in a bag, approx 650g.

To follow suit with our branding ethos, all Meaty Lamb Bones will also be provided in compostable bags. Meaning our effort to help reduce plastic is not altered; and you’re helping too.

As we would recommend with any bones, please supervise whilst your dog is enjoying.


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Lamb Ribs, Large Lamb Bones, Meaty Lamb Ribs with Spine, Small Lamb Bones