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Are you thinking about raw feeding your dog but worried about where to start, how much freezer space you’ll need, what to or what not to feed? We’re here to help! Any specific questions can always be asked directly via our Facebook Page, but hopefully most of your queries will be answered here. Firstly, there seems to be a lot of different methods for raw feeding, but here we like to keep things simple. We follow the 80/10/10 style and whilst we appreciate differing opinions on this, we feel it’s the best ‘all round’ style.

Getting Started

So you currently do not feed raw. How do you introduce it? Simple. We would suggest giving your dog’s tummy a good break before switching over to raw, therefore you could feed your dog dinner a little earlier (no later than 5pm) and then in the morning begin the raw feeding journey. Our packs will defrost in the fridge over 36 hours so you’ll need to plan in advance. We never recommend defrosting the food in the microwave or putting it in warm water. The tub can go directly in the fridge as they are leak resistant, however if you want to be safe you could pop it in a re-usable tray or tub.

Our Method

We follow the 80/10/10 module:
80% Meat
10% Bone
5% Liver
5% Kidney

Within our meat content, we always add 10% of Heart and this is because organ meat is so important; you can read more about that here.

How Much

We have a calculator on our home page; we don’t keep any information from this so you can put your dogs name, weight and age in freely to find out how much we would suggest to feed. Activity levels can influence how much to feed, so think carefully about how much your dog does throughout the day. Puppies will be calculated through their age. At Betsy’s Raw Food we are firm believes in also feeding by eye, if your dog seems to be gaining weight on the daily feed, we would suggest dropping the amount slightly until the desired weight is obtained.


What protein do I start with?

Chicken is a fairly bland meal, so we would suggest trying our Chicken & Tripe meal first, these are available in both 1kg and 500g sizes. With every new protein we suggest feeding for at least a week before you introduce your next protein. Our next choice would then be Beef which we would suggest adding just a table spoon of into the first meal, you can then build this up over the course of a week until your dog will eat Beef on it’s own. This is purely to take the raw feeding process slowly, and so not to upset your dogs tummy. Following from this would either be Pork or Lamb and then you have access to our entire range so far.

Can my puppy eat raw?

Of course! We have successfully raw weaned our puppies and they have been very chunky, happy puppies. If your breeder sends you home with an alternative method but you’re looking into raw get in touch! Essentially, it’s the same scenario; working out how much they need a day from our calculator, introducing proteins slowly, and offering a wide variety of flavours.

What about switching from a different raw brand?

We’re slightly different from most brands in the fact that we don’t offer Fruit or Veg into our meals, we feel that’s a choice up to you and you can read more about that here. But if you are feeding a different raw brand and would like to try Betsy’s it’s just a case of switching over slowly.

Can I add supplements?

Again, we don’t add supplements as we feel this is a choice for you and your dog; it’s not a case of one size fits all. We support Dorwest Herbs and have a variety of supplements available online or in our shop. Our top choice would be Keepers Mix which you add into every meal; a simple and cost-effective way to add in those extra nutrients to your dogs diet. You can read more about the Dorwest Supplements we offer here.


2 thoughts on “Starter Guide

  1. I have a Dalmatian and require an offal free ie. low purine complete because of potential urinary stone complications. Can you provide this.
    It is supplemented with cottage cheese and eggs.

    1. Hi Lynne,
      We are so sorry but we do not currently offer anything offal free. We are always looking to explore other options but it’s not on our immediate agenda. If you’d like anymore information, please feel free to email us.
      Thanks, Carla @ Betsy’s

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