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Welcome to our Raw Feeding Starter Guide, you’re probably here because you’re looking to switch your dog from its current diet over to raw. Congratulations! It can seem daunting and a big jump, but it’s really not and we’re here to help.

Why Raw?
We feel raw feeding is not only a species appropriate diet, but is natural, simple and most beneficial to your dogs overall health. We follow the 80/10/10 module, and although there are very different ways to feed raw, we personally feel this is the most effective way to feed in a complimentary fashion.

Other forms of diets can see ingredients such as wheat or rice within the meal.. and why? It’s essentially a ‘filler’. Yep, that’s right. Items like these have no nutritional value to a dog, it purely just makes them feel nice and full. Ever wondered why your dogs stool is quite large? It’s because it’s waste the dog doesn’t need. You’ll find a raw diet will provide much smaller, firmer, stools.

But it’s not just poop that should make you want to switch because a raw diet will promote good gut health, encouraging healthy skin and coat. Bones help keep teeth clean and also keep those brains busy whilst crunching! You should also notice a much happier, healthier dog all-round.

Starting on Raw
Firstly, you’ll need to work out how much your dog needs to eat a day and you can do this by heading back to our home page and using our free online calculator. We have worked out a recommended amount based on your details, but remember to feed by eye and if your dog looks to be adding weight, drop the percentage slightly and vice versa if they’re loosing weight. Our calculator is based on your dogs current body weight, so if you’d like to add weight, or loose weight, please bare this in mind and toggle the percentages respectively.

Switch your dog over by feeding its usual diet at a slightly earlier tea time, you can then start raw the next morning (no need to mix or gradually swap over).

We would recommend you start with our Beef flavour as it’s generally a safe meat to start with. Feed this for at least 7 – 10 days to ensure your dog is comfortable with it before adding in your next flavour. We would then recommend introducing Chicken & Tripe and doing this by adding a table spoon a day into the Beef meal. Gradually increase this until your dog is enjoying a whole meal of Chicken & Tripe, wait another 7 – 10 days, then introduce your next flavour. Alternatively, you could feed these the other way around if you’d prefer.

Should I add supplements?
There’s a reason we have kept our diets meat only and that’s because we want to allow you as an owner the freedom to add the supplements your dog needs or would benefit from. So, for example, if you have a dog that struggles with arthritis or its joints, turmeric or some bone broth would be a good supplement to add. If your dog sometimes suffers from an upset tummy, adding parsley to their meal will just help with overall gut balance. Generally speaking, we feel your dog will achieve an all-round beneficial diet from what we provide in our 500g and 1kg tubs.

What about fruit and veg?
Another reason we have only produced meat in our tubs; some dogs can have allergies or experience dis-advantages to eating certain fruit and veg. For example, butternut squash or mainly ‘orange’ fruit and veg can be considered quite high in sugar and can give a little grief to the ears. We do however, promote adding fruit and vegetables where possible as they most certainly do hold an important part in your dogs diet.

Leafy greens are a great addition to your dogs meal, for example spinach is a great source of essential vitamins and can fend off cancer, inflammatory and cardiovascular issues. Blueberries also hold essential vitamins and act as an anti-inflammatory, they also help with overall health. Carrots are a nutritious snack that are low calorie and high in fibre promoting good digestive health and boosts heart health.

We are putting together a quick fact sheet on which fruits and veg we recommend and how they’re beneficial; so stay tuned for that! It’ll be posted with all our raw feeding starter packs.

If you have any specific questions, you are welcome to pop over to our Facebook Page and we will be more than happy to help.

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